Material Event Disclosure (General)

Publish Date:08.05.2019 18:40:13
Disclosure Type:ODA


Change in Accounting Policy

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It is decided to change the accounting policy in the consolidated financial statements of our Company in accordance with TFRS, regarding the lands included in the assets of the Company to reflect the fair value in accordance with TAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment Standard. The related explanation on the accounting policy change and its effect on the financial statements are described in Note 2 of the financial statements published to the public dated as of 31 March 2019.



We proclaim that our above disclosure is in conformity with the principles set down in “Material Events Communiqué” of Capital Markets Board, and it fully reflects all information coming to our knowledge on the subject matter thereof, and it is in conformity with our books, records and documents, and all reasonable efforts have been shown by our Company in order to obtain all information fully and accurately about the subject matter thereof, and we’re personally liable for the disclosures.