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Publish Date:10.01.2024 11:16:38
Disclosure Type:ODA


Agreement with Borsa Istanbul A.Ş.

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New Business Relation
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 Our company has reached an agreement with Borsa Istanbul A.S. for the installation of a 'Land PV Solar Power Plant' on the land located within the boundaries of Kayapınar Yeşilyurt Village, Gercüş District, Batman Province, with the parcel number 9 and block number 180, for a total amount of 9,990,000 USD + VAT. (Nine Million Nine Hundred Ninety Thousand US Dollars + VAT) (The agreement amount in Turkish Lira with the current USD/TRY exchange rate is 298,900,800 TL + VAT)

Information will be provided again for the contract processes.

We present it for the information of the public and our investors.


This statement has been translated into English for informational purposes. In case of a discrepancy between the Turkish and the English versions of this disclosure statement, the Turkish version shall prevail.

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