Tender Process / Result

Publish Date:21.01.2022 18:59:00
Disclosure Type:ODA


Cancellation of the Fenerbahçe Kalamış Marina tender

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Tender Process / Result
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Evet (Yes)
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Date Of The Previous Notification About The Same Subject
07.10.2021, 12.11.2021
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Hayır (No)
Announcement Content
Subject of Tender
Privatization of Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Marina owned by Turkish Maritime Lines, by method of Transfer of Operating Rights for a period of 40 (forty) years within the framework of the Law on Privatization Practices no. 4046
Party Opened Tender
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Privatization Administration
Board Decision On Bid for Tender
Board of Directors decision of our subsidiary, Tek-Art Kalamış ve Fenerbahçe Marmara Turizm Tesisleri A.Ş. (Tek-Art) dated 7 October 2021
Other Parties if Participated in The Tender as a Group
Share of the Company if Participated in the Tender as a Group
Date of Tender Bid
Ending Up Date of The Tender
Tender Result
The tender has been cancelled by the Presidency Decree.
Tender Value
TL 2,531 million
Share of Company in Tender Value
Our subsidiary, Tek-Art has participated in the tender alone.
Ratio Of Tender Value Corporate Share Amount To Gross Sales Revenue On Publicly Disclosed The Latest Financial Statement Of Company (%)
%1.4 (based on 31.12.2020 financial statements)

On 07.10.2021 and 12.11.2021, it has been announced that the bid submitted by our subsidiary, Tek-Art Kalamış ve Fenerbahçe Marmara Turizm Tesisleri A.Ş. (Tek-Art), in the tender for the privatization of Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Marina owned by Turkish Maritime Lines, has been the highest bid and that the Presidency Approval has been granted for the tender result. 

However it has been declared to Tek-Art on 21 January 2022 that the tender has been cancelled by the Presidency Decree dated 19 January 2022.


This statement has been translated into English for informational purposes. In case of a discrepancy between the Turkish and the English versions of this disclosure statement, the Turkish version shall prevail.

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