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Publish Date:02.11.2018 14:49:28
Disclosure Type:ODA


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Notification About News Or Rumours
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There has been some news in the Hurriyet newspaper dated October 31st, 2018, claiming that our Incorporation has taken action to acquire shares from Istanbul Airport and also is looking for a partnership in the terminal# 1 of New York JFK Airport.

The aforementioned news does not reflect the reality and there is either no evaluation or a decision of the Board of Directors in relation to these airports.

We proclaim that our above disclosure is in conformity with the principles set down in “Material Events Communiqué” of Capital Markets Board, and it fully reflects all information coming to our knowledge on the subject matter thereof, and it is in conformity with our books, records and documents, and all reasonable efforts have been shown by our Company in order to obtain all information fully and accurately about the subject matter thereof, and we’re personally liable for the disclosures.